Our Current Publications Include:

Jacobs, E.A. 1995. American kestrel reproduction and dispersal in central Wisconsin.    Journal of Raptor Research 29:135-137.

Jacobs, E.A. 1996. A mechanical owl as a trapping lure for raptors. Journal of Raptor Research 30:31-32.

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Taft, S.J., C.D. Kerstner, and E.A. Jacobs.  2000.  Ectoparasitic Insects from Migrating Saw-whet Owls  Aegolius acadicus in Central Wisconsin.  Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington.

Proudfoot, G.A., and E.A. Jacobs.  2001.  Bow net equipped with radio alarm.  Wildlife Society Bulletin 29: 543-545.

Jacobs, J.P., and E.A. Jacobs.  2002.  Conservation assessment for red-shouldered hawk (Buteo lineatus) national forests of north central states. USDA, Forest Service, Eastern Region.

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Coleman, J.L., D.M. Bird and E.A. Jacobs.  2002.  Habitat use and productivity of Sharp-shinned hawks nesting in an urban area.  Wilson Bulletin 114:467-473.

Jacobs, E.A. 2006. Species account of the Sharp-shinned Hawk in the Atlas of the breeding of birds of Wisconsin. Editors N.J. Cutright, B.R. Harriman, R.W. Howe.

Eschenbauch, J.E., E.A. Jacobs and R.N. Rosenfield. 2009. Nest-box occupancy and reproductive performance of Kestrels in Central Wisconsin.  Journal of Raptor Research 43:365-369.

Jacobs, E.A. and Rothe, J.A. 2011.  A Video Surveillance System to Monitor Nocturnal Mist-net Operations.  Journal of Raptor Research 45(4):367-369

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